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Kent County, Rhode Island

This county was completed August 2017.



Kent Co WW I Honor Rolls

Old Courthouse
125 Main St
East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island
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"The Town of East Greenwich
erects this memorial in grateful remembrance
of her citizens who served in the military
or naval forces of
The United States
of the Allies during the World War
They carried on that liberty might be
enjoyed throughout the world
Louise Allen


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One hundred eighty-five men are listed on this honor roll plaque, five of them did not return. I was unable to discover much about them, with the exception that two of them died on the same day, June 18, 1918. Cpl Richard F Grant, US Army was serviing with the 102 Infantry of the 26th Divsion, was he was killed in action near Chateau Thierry. 

Over near Belleau Bois and Belleau Wood the Marines had been taking as much as they gave in tit for tat exchange of gas shells with the Germans. A report prepared for the U.S. Army Chemical Corps after the war explained that the 12th Field Artillery of the Marines 2nd Division had been tossing chemical shells toward German positions for weeks. Researchers claimed that, when combined with US shells fired by French batteries, as many as five or six thousand gas canisters were fired in attacks lasting as long as three hours. 

These attacks caused casualties counties in the hundreds per hour, and neither side was side. In fact, official German war diaries indicated that on many occasions the Germans would suffer as many casualties from their gas as the Americans and French soldiers. 

Sgt Cyril B. Mosher, USMC, was one of those carried away on June 18, 1918. He had been serving with Battery D, 12th Field Artillery. 




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