Flathead County Honor Rolls

Conrad Cemetery
641 Conrad Dr
Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana
"Dedicated to the everlasting memory
of those from Flathead County
who gave their lives
in the service of their country
Desert Storm
Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Tour Notes: 

This was a secondary stop for this county, and completed in a light rain. The muffled patter of the raindrops as they hit markers and gravestones brings a somber, almost soothing, atmosphere to the cemetery. It can make a visitor ponder odd questions. One that strikes me is that many of the monuments I visit often honor those that sometimes had fleeting bonds to the local area. 

One of those honored here could only claim Flathead County as somewhere he had lived once, it was no longer home. But, does that disqualify that son or daughter from being remembered? Positively not. 

LCpl Kane Michael Funke, USMC, only lived here during part of his high school years. He was born in Missoula and graduated from his next home, Vancouver, the place he claimed as his hometown, But he is remembered her as one of the kids on the wrestling team. You know - that one that liked to draw, and was pretty good at it. His old friends at Flathead High School probably couldn't tell you he served with  2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division,1st Marine Expeditionary Force. They couldn't explain what a Lance Corporal is and probably couldn't explain what an "incendiary device" is. All they know is that their classmate put on a Marine Corps uniform and went to war - and he didn't come back. 

He didn't show up for the five year reunion, nor the 10th or the 15th. Geez, has it been 15 years already? Kane remains forever young, an eager young man that just wanted to serve his country. When will be the first class reunion in which a classmate begins a memory with, "Hey, do you remember that kid that left in Junior year? The one that wanted to be a Marine? What was his name?"  

At the top of this hill, in the softly falling rain, the name is etched in stone and can't be forgotten unless you just never come here.