York County, ME (August 16, 2017) -  York is one of those counties in which it is easy to miss something. I have a sinking feeling that, although I visited two communites, I probably didn't see a very interesting place that deserved a stop. Guess I go back someday... oooh, Road Trip!

The stops in York County are dedicated to a grandfather of the distaff side of my Dolloff family roots; Col. James Scammon, commanding a Regiment of General Heath's Brigade. He raised the required number of Companies of York County men that were born in America and was commissioned in spring of 1775. 

Called to action for the engagement(s) at Boston in June of 1775, Scammon's Regiment didn't reach Breed's Hill and subsequently Scammon was put before a Board of Court Martial on a charge of cowardice.  The four day trial exonerated Colonel Scammon as it was shown he had never received an order to advance from the regimental staging area. That he finally did reach Breed's Hill is recognized by historians, but by the time he and his men arrived at the battlefield the Continental Army was in full retreat and Scammon was unable to form his Regiment into any reliable formation. 

The Regiment completed it's contracted service at Cambridge at the end of 1775 and discharged its men. Most of the officers and many enlisted men of the Regiment elected to reenlist, but Scammon was not offered another commission. 

James Scammon, born at Saco, Maine, died there in October 1804 at age 62. He spent the last 20 years of his life resentful that mis-communications clouded by the "fog of war" had forced him from service to his country and denied him the full measure of respect and honor he had clearly earned as a Patriot of the American Revolution.





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