County Honor Rolls

E Oak St at S 3rd St (US-219)
Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland



"Oakland Veterans Park
In memory of those who served"
"In grateful tribute to the men and women who served in the service of our country.
Proctor-Kudlow Post 73
VFW Post 10077"
"Old Glory
I am the star spangled banner...
conceived in 1777
out of the love America bore for liberty and honor
I am the memorial of countless heroes who
shed their blood to preserve this sacred heritage
I have inspired generations of gallant men
who fought against tyranny
I am the spirit of Valley Forge ... of sacrifice ... of courage
I have guarded every rampart
where freedom defended its glorious cause ...
Tripoli ... Belleau Wood ... Argonne Forest ... Omaha Beach ...
Anzio ... Bastogne ... Guadalcanal ... Coral Sea ... Leyte Gulf ...
Iwo Jima ... Korea ... VietNam ... Persian Gulf
I fly wherever Americans gave their lives
to preserve the sanctity of life
My home is in the hearts of all who feel a thrill of pride
when they salute me and what I symbolize - 
"Blue Star Memorial Byway
A tribute to the armed forces of America
Mountain Laurel Garden Club
American Legion 71 & VFW 10077
National Garden Clubs Inc"



"To the men and women of
who fought honorably in Southeast Asia,
and to the following who made 
the supreme sacrifice for their country
- presented by VVA Chapter 245"


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This memorial was created through the efforts of the
MD DHCD - Community Legacy Program
Town of Oakland and 
Garrett County Historical Society"


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What a busy street corner for such a relatively small town! This memorial area is well kept, but unless you are already parked at a location from which you can reach it without using a crosswalk it will take a few minutes to reach. That leads me to believe there are far fewer visitors than this memorial deserves.

A1C Norman McRobie, US Air Force, was probably on his way to a full hitch in the service. He was 26 years old, married with two young children. He was returning from Tan Son Nhut airfield to Korat, Thailand, aboard a C-47B transport, BuNo 44-76574 along with almost two dozen other enlisted men and officers. Some had been at the VietNam base for a week, working on aircraft from their squadron, and others had been attending to administrative duties, the various tasks and responsibilites that fall to members of every squadron, regardless of their rank. 

The old C-47 had been built for service in World War II, had probably been used during the Korean War, and was earning its battle stars in VietNam. The aircraft was tired, and it is difficult to ensure that even the newest and best aircraft won't break down at the worst possible moment. Shortly after take off into dark evening skies an engine failed. The pilot and co-pilot were senior officers with lots of experience and landing with one engine stopped with the props feathered wasn't a big deal. The first approach to landing was abandoned when one of the main gear would not indicate down and locked. That complicated things and required a second approach while the men at the front of the aircraft tried to figure out what was wrong. 

The second approach ended with the aircraft crashing into a rice paddy, well short of the runway.

Fourteen other men of Garrett County are listed here. Why not do your part to keep them alive? Research their names and try to understand what their death meant to this small community. Some of these men answered the call to duty in three wars. They deserve to be recognized.