All Veterans Monument

Main St at W 4th St
Mt Vernon, Posey County, Indiana

Posey County
dedicated July Third, 1908"  


"A Patriotism
Which readily responds to its country's call;
A deep reverance for the laws:
A decent respect for the rights of others;
A sincere love of justice, truth and country
Are the best safeguards of a nation's peace"



"In memory of
1775 - 1783
Buried in Posey County
Placed by
General Thomas Posey Chapter
Daughters of The American Revolution



Tour Notes:

American personnel and equipment had to be moved around at the end of the war in Europe. In early June of 1945 heavy bombers and Air Corp personnel were making ferry flights home. This recording is a quick interview of two weary GI's as they arrived at Bradley Airfield in Hartford, Connecticut. The second Corporal heard is Henry Eastrich of Boonville. 

 At the outset of the War of Southern Rebellion President Lincoln call for each of the Union states to supply great numbers of men to the fight. Posey County historians have noted that none of its men made it to Indianapolis in time for the first call. The men of the county were eager to serve, but the call to assemble at Indianapolis was fulfilled quicker than Posey's men could travel. By August of 1861 the county had gathered and mustered two full companies of troops, who trained quickly and took their first losses seven months later at the Battle of Shiloh.

Yet again it was the Ohio River controlling much of the activities of those in Posey County. Companies A and F of the 24th Indiana Regiment, comprised mostly of Posey men, were fightiing downriver from Mt Vernon; at Fort Donelson, Fort Henry, Shiloh and Corinth and many others locations below the confluences of the Ohio and Tennessee and Ohio and Mississippi rivers. As the war progressed the Posey men moved inland to fight in Atlanta and into the Carolina. The last man of these two companies to die of wounds received in action perished after the last big battle of the war, Bentonville, North Carolina, in April 1865. 

Fifteen soldiers of the American Revolution are known to be buried in Posey County soil. Information about their graves is difficult to find, and data about the men and their lives is even more elusive. that doesn't stop the Daughters of the American Revolution from remembering them...

I found a casualty list for the fallen of World War which revealed some common themes of those that died during World War ! - "Died of Disease" for about half of the 34 men listed and 19 of the total reported dead during September and October of 1918. One man, Charles Hobbs, was already in service immediately prior to the declaration war. He discharged and quickly went across our northern border at Vancouver to join the Royal Canadian Army. 


1918 Jan   3 - Loyd Sugg, DOD (Meningitis)

1918 Feb 26 - James Williams, DOD (regular Army)

1918 Mar  4 - Joseph Oxford, QM2 USN, missing USS Cyclops

1918 Apr 24 - Carl Williams, DOD

1918 Jul 15 - Jesse Russell, KIA 
              16 - Owen Dunn, KIA

1918 Aug 18 - Charles Hobbs, KIA while serving with Royal Canadian Army at Lens, France.

1918 Sep 13 - James Showers, USMC, DOD (Enr France)
                24 - Lemuel Martin, DOW
                27 - Herbert Huck, DNB, Flight training crash.
                28 - Albert Roehr, DOD
                29 - Homer Gordon, DOW
                     - John Lurker, KIA
                     - Daniel Seifert, S2c, USN, DOD

1918 Oct 6 - Sidney Hohimer, KIA
               7 - Arthur Anderson, DOD
               4 - Frank Goebel, DOD
             11 - Mote Smith, DOD |(France)
             13 - William Kleinschmidt, DOW
             15 - Owen Divine, DOD
                  - Charles Dixon, DOD
             16 - William Crow, DOD (France)
             17 - Otis Redman, DOD
             19 - Marvn Pierce, DOD
             21 - Robert Curtis, KIA
             29 - John Mitz, DOD (France)

1918 Nov   7 - Oliver Marquis, KIA // DSC // Post named at Poseyville
                11 - George Walls, KIA  
                27 - George Raber, DOW

1919 Feb 1 - Marion Gerton, DOD (Germany)
                   - Frederick Wade, DOD (Lt USN)

1919 Apr    2 - Lalus McCracken, DOD (France)

1919 May 31 - Angus Reynolds, DNB (France)

1920 Apr   7 - Earl Neel (USN), DOD while in Govt care at Tucson, AZ




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