Crawford County Veterans Monument

English, Crawford County, Indiana



"Crawford County Veterans Memorial



National Guard

In honor of all who served

United States National Guard

Always Ready

Always There

Date of Inception

Nationwide 1903

Lest We Forget



United States Coast Guard

Semper Paratus

Always Ready

Date of Inception

August 4, 1790

All Gave Some

Some Gave All



United States Air Force

Aim High - Fly - Fight - Win

Date of Inception

September 18, 1947

We Gave Today

For Your Tomorrow




United States Marines

Sempter Fidelis

Always Faithful

Date of Inception

November 10, 1775

Gone but not forgotten





United State Navy

Honor - Courage - Commitment

Date of Inception

October 13, 1775

In God We Trust

Freedom is not free 




United States Army

This we will defend

Date of Inception

June 14, 1775

Land of The Free

Because of The Brave"



"In honor of those

Killed in Action

Missing in Action

Prisoners of War

For their extreme sacrifice

for their country"


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