December 8, 2020 - The news of Brig Gen Charles Yeager's death was announced by his wife, Victoria, by way of a Twitter post. No details were related. 

Yeager, a native of Lincoln County, West Virginia, survived many aviation incidents; shot down over France in 1944 and test aircraft crashes after the war proved he was either a very talented pilot, or a very luck man. He would have explained that the abundance of good luck was a given, but the talent was just a reflection of preparation and practice. 

In October 1947, while piloting the Bell X-1 rocket plane, Yeager was elevated into aviation history when he became the first man to cross the sound barrier. The World War II combat ace would forever be remembered for that single event, but he was much more than that. Imbued with a fiece competitive spirit, Yeager continued in his Air Force career as a pilot in Korea and later as a squadron commander and flag officer. He was still flying supersonic aircraft well into his eightys. 

A monument to the legendary aviator was erected along US Route 119 near Priestly, West Virginia.  Visit the Lincoln County, WV, page HERE.