Do you have a club or public group that looks for unusual speakers with fun topics? Why not book me as a good way to fill in that empty slot for a future meeting date. 


My 30-35 minute long presentation is a humorous look at how a senior citizen with serious medical issues attempts to fill his time. It's not a lecture on how to create a fabulous garden or even about finding joy in teaching a cat to walk on a leash. Nope, it's about motorcycle riding, the history of America, and how we honor the millions of young men and women that are willing to make huge sacrifices for their country.  

It is difficult to ride over 130,000 miles and not collect a few good stories about the people encountered along the way. TV personalities, politicians, military heroes, police officers and deputies, and little old ladies looking for a date - they all contribute to the flavor of Ride Around America. 


A Reasonable Fee

I am not out to earn a living from speaking fees. While I admire those that have the courage to try, I am really just trying to pay the out of pocket expenses required to complete my project. All I ask is overnight accommodations, a meal, and at least $150 to help with fuel expenses. If you are located more than 1,500 miles from Salisbury, NC, then bump that fuel cost to $200. 

For more details, or to book a date, call me at 704-633-0928. Or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.