Soldiers Monument

Central Square
Main St at Roxbury St
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Will cherish in perpetual honor t
he memory of her sons
who fought for liberty
and the integrity
of the republic
1861 - 1865 
of the heroic dead
is the inspiration of



Tour Notes

Although the damage is minor, this monument had been vandalized sometime prior to my visit. A moderately sized "X" had been scrawled in black paint at the bottom of the dedication statement. It was minor, but indiciative of what lies in store for every monument and memorial in the United States, regardless of the subject of the monument and the events they represent. I can't explain the need to damage the monument, nor the necessity of demeaning the contributions of those who participated in the conflicts. 

There is a veterans wall in this area. I hope it survives the coming insanity.




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