SCV 'Thomasville Rifles' Memorial

Near Old Depot Location
Main St at NC-109
Thomasville, Davidson County, North Carolina



"1861 - 1865

Lest We Forget
Dedicated to the memory of those soldiers
of Thomasville and Davidson County
that served in the Confederacy during
the War For Southern Indepencence"


"Near this spot in 1861 soldiers boarded a train
to leave for the war,
many never to return"

 Tour Notes


From a practical standpoint, this is simply a historical marker, as it marks a specific spot and event - the departure of native sons for war. As a memorial, it is eloquent. The final four words, "Many never to return" speaks to the loss and the heartache. It says nothing of a defeat, or of glory. It reminds us of the farewells we bade our own families from train stations, bus depots, and airports across the country.