UDC Chapter #324 Memorial

REMOVED, Location Unknown
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina



"Sleep sweetly in your humble graves
Sleep martyrs of a fallen cause,
For lo a marble column craves
The pilgrim here to pause"
"Erected by
The Robert E Lee Chapter
of the
Daughters of The Confederacy
No. 324
Sept 14, 1905"


Tour Notes


This isn't a statement of defiance, as are some UDC memorials. But, it does recognize that some who stop here to remember the fallen CSA soldiers of Davidson County are not simply remembering their loved ones. The 'pilgrims' of the future look upon the soldiers and leaders of the Confederate States as defenders of unresolved constitutional issues.

The solider stands with his weapon at the ready, his bedroll and kit secured firmly about him, willing to continue the fight regardless of the outcome.

This monument was removed in the middle of the night, October 2020, by local government order. News reports indicate NO public hearing was held and the details of the order were not in the public domain.