Revolutionary War Era Memorials

Main St at Center St
Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina


"Captain Benjamin Merrill

Sacrificed his life for the cause of the Regulators.
Was executed by official of the Crown, June 19, 1771.

Home was 8 miles south
Erected by
Capt. Benj. Merrill Chapter, NSDAR


Tour Notes

The first real battles for the independence of America were not at Concord and Lexington in 1775, but near this location in 1771. The Battle of Alamance, fought between the Crown's soldiers and a large group of untrained Patriots known as the Regulators. It was the first of many 'wins' for King George. Governour Lord Tryon ruthlessly pursued the defiant colonial insurgents and in the days and hours following the battle he took 12 men prisoner and charged them with acts of treason against the Crown. One of them was Captain Benjamin Merrill.

Many historians stridently point out the Regulators were not looking for independence, but for relief from the corruption evident in the Crown's representatives in the courts and tax system. Therefore the Battle of Alamance and the Regulators  aren't part of the American Revolution. But in the broader sense, the Regulators were one of the seeds that germinated into widespread civil revolt and flowered into independence.

Ten years later, after the colonies had united in revolution to become the United States of America, General Greene came through this area en-route to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Only thirty years prior to that the Boone family pioneered settlement of the Yadkin River valley. 

Visitors to this area should really plan to spend some time learning about the true history found here. But, be prepared to SEARCH for it. For the most part it's not well documented. A good plan would be to find references on the Internet first and plan your visit around those results.