UDC Memorial

Courthouse Garden Square, NC-86
Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina



"The the Sons of Caswell County
who served in the War of 1861-65
in answer to the call of their country
In whatever event that may face our national existence
may God give us the will to do what is right,
that, like our forefathers, we may impress our times
with the sincerity and steadfastness of our lives.
Erected by the Caswell County Chapter
United Daughters of The Confederacy


Tour Notes:


The setting of this memorial area is quiet, peaceful, and well kept. The quiet comes from the fact that what once was the center of the town has been displaced by the movement of a major US highway. It leaves the visitor with a good opportunity to imagine the square as it would have been a century ago, when terms like 'whites' and 'coloreds' were politely accepted. The phrasing of the UDC memorial makes the point that while change would come it would not alter the fact that their fathers stood resolute in their views of right and wrong.

The debate over the issue of segregation, especially upon monuments of this type, continues. In early 2009 the Caswell County Commissioners heard a plea from a group called 'Inclusive North Carolina'. They contend that attitudes of the 21st century are far different from that of the 20th and that the memorial should be altered in a way that keeps the historical context but attempts to posthumously rectify the segregationist attitudes display on the current plaques.

The wars have been over for generations, but the battles continue to be fought . . .