WW I Honor Roll

Courthouse Garden Square, NC-86
Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina



"Lest We Forget
This memorial is erected by the
Citizens of Caswell County
with price and grateful appreciation for the services of
the Caswell boys who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War. M.K.S."


"This monument is dedicated to the honor of
the men and women of Caswell County
who served their country in the time of military need.
American Legion Post 89
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7316


Tour Notes

The strident nature of the inscription on the U.D.C. monument gives a clue about the segregated listing of "Whites" and "Colored" honor roll. This isn't an atypical find in many southern states. As aging WW I and WW II monuments are being refurbished the lists are being integrated. 

An equal number of men are found on each list. I was able to research and find almost an equal number from each list and found that several of each died of disease. I was able to determine that one of two of "Colored" men never got the chance to take up arms, they were assigned to labor battalions. 

There were several from each list that had a number of siblings, and each of those lists indicated the average amount of deaths from youthful maladies and old age. 

In fact, I found nothing to distinguish, advance or detract, from the abilities of the men from either list. I did find that Corp Algernon Neal went "over the top" as a wire cutter on the first of November 1918. He was wounded during the assault and died the next day. The local American Legion Post is named for him. I did however, notice that three men, fully one third of those on the "Colored" list, came from the Lea family. One is buried in France, one in a Caswell County cemetery, and the third I could not find. 

My only certain surmise about the names upon this monument is that when it was dedicated there were two groups of citizens standing to observe, or take part, in the ceremony. They were separated by color and local politics, but each group shared in the mourning of their sons and the tears they had shed.