July 30, 2019 - This history of the host village, Fort Peck, is interesting. The memorial area stands at the edge of a small town which seems to be seriously declining in population. But the first impressions of a casual visitor are always going to be wrong. This is a company town in every sense. Census numbers prior to the 1930's are not readily available, probably because it was nothing more than an trading post for nearly a century. While the dust of the stock market crash of 1929 the United States Army Corps of Engineers established the post as a government owned town for the managers and engineers involved in the construction of a massive earthen dam and hydroelectric power station. 

With that in mind, how in the world was this place selected to host a large regional veterans memorial? Any logical explanation escapes me, but the result is a nice setting which offers a quiet visit on nearly any date. 






Northeast MT Veterans Memorial 

Missouri St
Fort Peck, Valley County, Montana

Inscriptions & Photos




In memory of those

killed in action in

The War to End All Wars"





Dedicated to the military men and women

of the Greates Generation

who paid the ultimate price"





Remembering the soldiers of

The Forgotten War

who gave their all"





Honor all those who

died for their country

fighting unpopular war"




Dedicated to all the men and women who

unselfishly gave their lives protecting our

freedom in all other wars conflicts or

military operations in the past and in the future"

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