Willimantic, CT (August 22, 2017) - I always advise those newly introduced to their local veterans memorial to "Keep it personal."  Most topics in world history are simply an elaboration of events attached to a calendar which, if outside of the readers lifetime, mean nothing. The impact of the event may still be evident, but the details and those dates are just boring things to clutter then mind. But, if the reader can somehow connect to somebody at that event, history then becomes alive. 

My job, my ardent goal, is to help everyone find someone on the honor roll with which to relate, and then connect that person to an event which may have changed the world. Regardless of the amount of change, or even if there was no significant change, making the basic connection extends the emotional reach of the reader and memorial visitor.  It has become personal and therefore it is probably interesting and worthwhile of remembrance.

Take a few moments to look at the honor roll photos. Can you find a relative or family friend?  Maybe a neighbor?  Make an effort to learn their stories. They would do it for you, if they could.