The Call to Duty

Where is the nearest veterans memorial?

In most American cities and towns I can ask that question of ten local residents and only get a correct answer once, if I am lucky. For me, this lack of kknowledge is appalling and inexcusable. Each monument is a combination of remembrance, homage and history lesson. Each name on an honor roll is an investment made by your community. The dividend is the continuance of the ideals offered by the Declaration of Independence and codified by The Constitution of The United States of America. Every surname  listed represents another family whose somber heritage contributed to the defense of the Constitution and our republic. 

The monuments are not intended to be generational guilt trips. We sometimes call them celebrations of life. That may be double-speak. I believe they are simply what the designers intended and what the fallen ask of us, that we not forget them, their deeds and the reason for their sacrifice. If we fail to understand why our sons and daughters are asked to serve then we risk losing the very ideals behind the call to duty. 

My name is Lee Wonnacott, I'm a veteran and these are the stories of my Ride Around America . . . 

Your assistance is needed

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