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2019 July & August Schedule

Grave Sites, Monuments, Mountains, Web Cams and Old Home Towns.


July 27, 2019 - The clubhouse turn has been made. Watch itinerary from Oregon east to Arkansas.


State O/R # Stops Miles Avg
Illinois O 10 206 21
Missouri O 14 390 28
Kansas O 5 75 25
Nebraska  O 11 282 26
South Dakota O 9 278 31
North Dakota O 13 558 43
Montana O 11 708 64
Idaho O 2 112 56
Washington O 6 613 102
Oregon O 8 356 45
Oregon R 6 526 88
Idaho R 11 424 29
Wyoming R 6 613 102
Nebraska  R 12 418 35
Kansas R 8 198 25
Oklahoma R 9 312 35
Arkansas R 12 374 31

Totals   153 6,443 42

For the first time, I will be traveling by automobile. For several years my adult daughter, Patty, has wanted to visit Seattle and I am taking this opportunity to make it a father/daughter event.

The tour schedule will slow down slightly, to just four or five counties each day. This will leave at least a couple of hours each day for quick sightseeing stops. Expect a lot of video to come from this, and very likely some live streaming from the Ride Around America channel on Roku and maybe from a couple of other outlets. 

As always, I am looking for sponsors to help fund individual tour days and inexpensive (i.e. free) place to pitch our tents.  

The first tour day will begin in Illinois on July 7th with a visit to the gravesite of Burl Ives in Jasper County. Older veterans will remember Ives as a baladeer and actor from the 1950's and 60's whose career extending well into the 80's and everywill will recognize his narration of popular Christmas stories. He rests in the family plot in a small cemetery outside of Hunt City, Illinois. 

On, or about, July 10th we will make an extended stop at the National World War I Museum and Memorial at Kansas City, Kansas. The monument is exquisite, and the museum is the purported to be the world's largest repository of artivacts from the Great War. 

We will pause to rest in northern Carlifornia for a few days, visiting relatives, before heading eastbound through Wyoming. Patty has convinced me to take part in a local ritual of sorts at Jackson Hole. There is a web cam in use at a downtown intersection at which tourists and locals alike take a moment to impress the camera's viewers with Chinese Fire Drills, illegal U-turns, "mooning" after midnight and many other shenanigans. Don't expect that either of us will "moon" the world, but we might stand in focus to show a sign of some sort.  

In Oklahoma we will spend a day in an around Guthrie, Oklahoma. Aside from the fact that the Logan County Jail was where Timothy McVeigh spent his first night of incarceration, this will be a homecoming of sorts. I brought my family here to live for a while in the early 1980's. It was a wonderful little town with many friendly people and all of them willing to help newcomers feel welcome and to help make good memories. We might even point out a couple of places were movies of the 1980's were filmed; "Silkwood" and "Twister." 

If you have any questions, send me an email lee @  or message me on Twitter @Lee_Wonnacott.



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