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Tempus Fugit

May 2, 2016 – This week marks one full year in remission. Well, let’s just say it’s been a year since the end of the last period of surgery, chemo, and radiation that destroyed most of the colloid cells living in little pools of mucus in my pancreas.  

Remission, by definition, is one of those bittersweet words. It simply means the immediate cause for distress is gone; but don’t get comfortable, it will return. It is very difficult to remain positive about all of this when the problem has been addressed twice by some seriously aggressive procedures and the most encouraging thing the doctors can say is that there is a fifty-fifty chance I will still be here after five years.

The Duckworth Chant


The Duckworth ChantSandersville, GA (April 4, 2016) -


Like many early "Baby Boomers," my first knowledge of music from a record player came via the old 78 RPM shellac discs; and most of them were from the 30's and 40's, including lots of songs from the war years. A favorite was "The Duckworth Chant" by Vaughn Monroe. 

Duckworth himself, a native of Sandersville, Georgia, probably didn't give it a second thought that his little ditty would be a hit song. During World War II the public was looking for anything that would help them identify with their GI's. Although not fully immersing themselves in the blood, guts, and gore of what the new recruits were facing, the public did learn their cadence counts. When the simple cadence got the Hollywood treatment it took off and every USO tour had at least one singer, or group, that would belt out the Duckworth Chant and bring a rueful smile to those in the audience.  

South Carolina Finished !

Barnwell, SC (March 12, 2015) - I arrived in Barnwell after a quick run up SC-3 and found the county courthouse without any problem. The two monuments located here represent the last of the effort in South Carolina.  Just a few miles later, as I went through Orangeburg on the way back home, I marked another milestone - the odometer on my trusty Honda ST1300 clicked passed 80,000 miles. 

The Procedure of A Veteran's Death

January 15, 2016 - I spent another few days in hospital last week. It wasn't a set back, or obvious return of cancer cells and tumor, but just another complication of the surgeries and radiation my body has endured. Fortunately, I didn't have another major surgery this time, but that's only because the ceiling fell down in the operating room.

Dedicating Newest Florida Historical Marker

Marker areaSeptember 22, 2015 - Last Wednesday I departed Gold Hill at dawn, heading for Pensacola, Florida via US-29 through South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.  The round trip totaled over 1,500 miles, often riding miles without seeing another car, truck, or motorcycle.  It's amazing that our US Routes are so under utilized when there is an Interstate Highway nearby that parallels the route. 

Although I was able to document over three dozen memorials during the six day trip, those stops were not the ultimate objective. For over a year I have been organizing a reunion of my shipmates from the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter SEBAGO. The 255' High Endurance Cutter was built in 1945 and served 27 years, sailing mostly from it's home ports of Mobile and Pensacola.  SEBAGO steamed many thousands of miles on Campeche Patrols in the Gulf of Mexico, Ocean Station assignments in the North Atlantic, and in 1969 spent a full year assigned to Coast Guard Squadron Three - off the coast of Vietnam. 

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