Saturday, June 29, 2019

One week from this evening will find me asleep in a pup tent somewhere in Illinois. Crazy and silly but the start of an exciting adventure. Dad and I will be continuing his Ride Around America to document Veteran's Memorials. He has done the ride on a motorcycle for over 110,000 miles, but this year it is a car for him because I am tagging along.

I love road trips. The ones where you seldom travel on the interstate. The scenic byways and highways that this country has lends itself well to chasing down the spray painted "Craft Show Ahead" signs.

This trip with Dad is full of expectations and goals. The first goal is to make it back home in 1 piece. Several weeks in a tiny car with Dad will prove interesting. My daughter's Kia Soul is our chariot of choice. Yep, tiny,hmmm...will I survive?