{July 27, 2017) - It has been over 26 months since finishing the last round of radiation and chemo. Since then I have ridden up to VAMC Durham for monitoring CT scans and blood work every three months. The most recent round of tests and consults was completed Tuesday.

Happily, the blood marker result is continuing to drop, and the CT scan shows no obvious signs of metastasis. It certainly doesn't mean I'm out of the woods, it just means the prevailing opinion is that repeated short interval monitoring won't really increase the probablilty of catching something new. 

While that seems to unclutter my riding schedule, it does give me that nagging feeling that I am now working without a net for six months at a time. The medications that I have been taking for so long have made a dent in the operating capabilities of my kidneys, and the lack of a pancreas does force me into the strict routines of a diabetic, but I think I can live with that.

The biggest problem on taking insulin while riding is that I frequently experience low glucose events. I don't eat enough.  I've got a couple of stories about how that comes around to bite you in the butt, but I lived through them. It is, however, disconcerting to wake up strangers all around you and IV tubes in your arms. That can be told another day. 

Next week I will ride outbound again, this time to collect 70 counties in the New England area. If you are a rider and want to come along, look for the "August Itinerary" article on the front page. Click the tab for the state you are interest in and it will give you a day by day, location to location, routing plan. Every rider is welcome to come along, especially if you know of a great road with a veterans memorial or two along the way. 

If you plan on intercepting me while on the road, send a text to 704-418-6729 to give me a heads up. Oherwise, just wait at the next stop. 

Wow... a TWO TIME survivor of pancreatic cancer. Guess I'm a lucky guy.