World War II Memorial

Be-Centennial Park,  7th Ave N
Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee

The stars before you honor the Tennesseans who 
made the ultimate sacrifice during the global war
The Gold Star Mothers of Tennessee
received this symbol upon the 
death of their loved one
Open time capsule below on
11 November 1945"
 "This honors Tennesseans who served
in World War II for courage &
sacrifice around the globe. "

Tour Notes

This is one of the few veterans memorials at which I have seen dozens of visitors walking through the memorial at the same time. In each case the reason for all of the traffic was that the memorial area is a subtle barrier to a public park or attraction. In other words, most of the visitors that stop for a moment and quickly walk on never had any intent on remembrance - it was easier to walk through the memorial than go around it. 

Several features of this presentation are unique, or at least rare. The most notiiceable is the floating granite globe. The stone ball obviously weighs a lot and engineers visiting the site will probably marvel at the pressure required to keep the globe turning. The etching of the surface is easily interpreted to show the distant battlefields upon which Tennessee veterans fought. 

The next feature I've not seen before is the gold stars embedded in the walkway areas. The stars are meant to remind visitors of the Gold Star Mothers and families of the fallen. Below the main star, which explains the logic of the element, is a time capsule to be opened in November of 2045 - the 100th year since the end of World War II. 

The tall granite panels each hold an inspirational keyword; Resolve, Outrage, Valor, Triumph, etc. etc. along with a graphic battlescene depiction and a paragraph or two about World War II. I have no doubt that these descriptions will be challenged by those engaged in revisionist history, and one of two of the panels themselves may already have been afffected by the literar malady. But, as long as the memorial itself sparks awarness of the conflict and the sacrifices made by Tennessee men and women - it serves the purpose.