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The primary goal of this website is to document and catalog veterans memorials in the United States of America and Canada.  Unless otherwise indicated, photos and text are the product of the Publisher, Lee Wonnacott,  and copyright rests with him.  Although a diligent effort is made to ensure accuracy of the information presented, such accuracy is not guaranteed. Online resources are used to gather data and precedence is given to archival sources such as newspaper reports, published census data, and available military files. In most cases the text is simply a statement of observation or editorial comment and no information herein should be used as the basis of fact for any purpose. 

Monument photos and detail images may not be reprinted, archived, or republished unless specific permission is given by the Publisher. If permission is granted to reprint or republish a copyright notice and photo credit must be given as; "Courtesy photo, Copyright - Lee Wonnacott" and where possible a link back to www.RideAroundAmerica.com should be created.

The site is funded in part by commercial sponsorship and advertisement placements.  No cookies are collected by the site other than those necessary to facilitate movement through the site as required by the content management system software. Links to other sites and pages from the advertisements may lead to collection of cookies and user data by third party systems. The Publisher has no control over that process. Good browser housekeeping practices should be employed to prevent abuse by third parties.

Forum and community social areas are accessible to registered site users. This allows users to comment on the monuments documented, proffer their own photos and articles, and generally participate in this effort to remember and honor our military veterans. When posting content the User will not submit copyrighted materials without proper attribution and User undertakes responsibility for any copyright violations.

Community areas are NOT to be used for radical political statements, espousal of extreme views, or malicious content of any type.  The Publisher reserves the right to edit or remove any post, photo, graphic, or associated content without public notice. Registered user access may be restricted or disallowed at the discretion of the Publisher and appointed moderators without recourse to the user. The community area is NOT a public forum and registration gains the User no rights other than access to the community areas. Threats, intimidation, cyber stalking, or other actions deemed inappropriate will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities. Your IP address is captured and maintained in systems logs that are made available to law enforcement when properly requested. 

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