April 8, 2017 - It is easy to understand why the general public can't fully appreciate what it takes to prosecute a war on the other side of the world from the Nevada desert. The only Air Force activity visible is what goes on around Nellis Air Force Base and some gate signs that say deadly force is authorized. Someone familiar with  the technical resources required of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPV). Small buildings, I mean really small buildings, are visible in clusters in a few areas. Some of them, not all, but some of them are aircraft cockpits in the "modern warfare" sense.  Each of the buildings houses a duty crew that is flying an armed drone over Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and any other location at which the US Air Force is asked to provide a deadly measure of security and covert offensive capabiility. 

The contrast between the desert and  the city of Las Vegas is easily lost on arriving road warriors. One moment you are on a two lane highway surrounded by desert vegetation and the next moment you are on an elevated six lane freeway hurtling into the heart of the Las Vegas strip. In daylight the strip itself isn't impressive. I thought it looked a bit seedy, but who am I to make that judgement? I routinely take photos of entire city blocks full of closed and falling down buildings just for the sake of "Art." 

If you a riding here, be careful. Nobody gives a damn about motorcycles and some will be making odds on your chance of survival should your ride be run down by a delivery truck. 

Nevada Veterans Memorial 

555 E Washington Ave
Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada






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