Veteran's Park

80 N Veterans Memorial Blvd
Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi



May 26, 2008
As a permanent and profound symbol of our everlasting and undying appreciation,
a grateful community dedicates this memorial to all the men and women who served in the
Armed Forces of The United States of America.
To those who fought enemies both foreign and domestic ...
To those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom ...
and to their families."
"All Gave Some - Some Gave All
In grateful appreciation to those in all branches
of military service who served and sacrificed
in defense of our country during
World War II
December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946"



Tour Notes

This is a beautiful effort, nice presentation, and appears to be well attended.

The flag plaza holds hundreds of paving bricks, probably subscription items that helped pay for the memorial itself. I always stop to look at bricks like this. They give hints to stories not related by the monument. In this instance several groups of the bricks show that patriotism is very often a family ideal. One block is dedicated to a WW II mother - and denotes her status as a five star mother. One full line of bricks honors a father, six sons, and two sons-in-law. Yet another shows a devoted Sergeant First Class with 36 years of service - "because freedom isn't free." 

Every monument, regardless of its size or shape, begins a story. At that story doesn't begin with "One upon a time..." No, these stories are real. Often the topics are somber and describe sacrifice and loss. Sometimes these stories relate the joy of homecoming, or the uplifting of spirits at a time when there appeared to be no bottom to the pit of despair. 

The common thread among all monuments is patriotism, respect, honor, and remembrance. Remember that the next time you pass by the monuments in your town. 


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