World War II & All Veterans Memorial

Trufant, Montcalm County, Michigan

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"To those who served gallantly in World War II"



"In memory of veterans

of all wars from Trufant Vicinity who dedicated their

services to their country"



"Erected May 30, 1956 by Y.M.C.O Club" 

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Tour Notes

The honor roll lists about 120 men, six of them did not survive the war.

During World War II the population of this small village no more than a few hundred people. Imagine just how devastating it was for the families of this community to give their so many of their young men to service.

Look at the surnames and you will get a quick idea of who pioneered this area of Michigan in the last three decades of the 19th century. Danish immigrants with names like Hansen, Christensen, Andersen, Nielsen, Jorgensen, Sorensen, Svendsen, and Hendricksen. Like most memorials that commemorate American conflicts prior to the 1960's, this marker yields a history lesson for those willing to pause and reflect upon these men.



Newspaper Archives


Greenville Daily News (Aug 26, 1944)

P.F.C. Emerson Pratt, 24,son of Mr.& Mrs. Theodore Swartz of near Trufant, was killed in action June 17th some where in France, according to an announcement by the War Department. No further details were available. Pvt. Pratt trained at Camp Wheeler, Georgia & at Greenville, Pa. after entering the service September 1,1942. He was sent overseas in April 1943.


Editors research:

Pratt was part of Company A, 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airbone. It's likely that he arrived in France via Waco glider on June 7th. It's also possible the glider he was aboard was manufactured at the Gibson refrigerator plant at Greenville, Michigan, just a few miles west of his farm in Trufant.  Beginning on the 14th the 325th was advancing in an attempt to take the bridges at St Sauveur Le Vicomte. Pratt was one of 280 men of the 82nd killed in action before returning to England in July.  View a photo of them at St Sauveur HERE


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