World War Memorial

Gale Park
Merrimac St
Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts

"Dedicated in gratefull memory by the
to honor those who served in World War I
In the days of triumph and peace it is wise to remember the cost of victory.
Let us resolve that the sacrifices made by these men shall not be in vain.
Let us, the living, pledge ourselves to preeserve and protect for their children
and ours the freedom and liberties for which they gave their lives.
"Great love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends"
Meuse Argonne
Atlantic Fleet
Champagne Marne
Somme Offensive
Montdidier Noyon
Oyse Aisne" 
"1898  -  1902
Honor Roll



"This monument dedicated by the
to commemorate the valor and patriotism
of the men of this city who served
in the war with Spain
Philippine Insurrection and
China Relief Expedition 1898 - 1902
under the auspices of
Sergeant Fred Thomas Camp No. 48
United Spanish War Veterans
Department of Massachusetts"


"Women Veterans Memorial
to honor all women in the
City of Haverhill who have
so proudly served or are now
serving in the Armed Forces
of The United States"


Tour Notes 

I came into town from the north, so Gale Park was the first opportunity to see any of Haverhill's monuments. From the obvious effort shown in the presentations, I thought there might be one, or maybe two, more monuments in town. Boy, I was off on that notion. In the space of two days I found at least another four or five distinct memorial areas. As time allows I will research these honor rolls for stories of the fallen.