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World War II Memorial

USCG Academy
New London, New London County, Connecticut




 "SM 1/c Douglas A Munro
Medal of Honor
For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous
gallantry in action above and beyond
the call of duty
They gallantly gave up their lives
in defense of our country
USS Hunter Liggett (APA-14)
USS Cavalier (APA-4)
USS Leonard Wood (APA-12)
USS Callaway (APA-35)
USS Bayfield (APA-33)
USS Samuel Chase (APA-26)
USS Joseph T Dickman (APA-13)
USS Arthur Middleton (APA-25)
USS Cambria (APA-36)" 
"US Coast Guard Cutter
Alexander Hamilton
On January 29, 1942, after successfully rescuing the USS Yukon
from an angry winter storm and towing her through the high seas 
and U-Boat infested water of the North Atlantic, 
the Alexander Hamilton became the first American warship
lost in the Atlantic after the war with German was declared.
At 1312 hours a torpedo fired by the U-132 struck the
Hamilton amidship, killing all but one of the men on watch
in the boiler and engine rooms. Of the 213 men aboard
26 were killed and 10 wounded.
This tribute is to the officers and crew of the 
Alexander Hamilton. It is dedicated to our shipmates
who, their bodies never recovered, were the first
U.S. Coast Guard casualties in the declared
war with Germany in the Battle of The Atlantic.
Presented by the Alexander Hamilton Survivors Association
September 1993"
"In tribute to the officers and enlisted men 
of the United States Coast Guard who served aboard
destroyer escort vessels of the United States Navy
1943 - 1943
Their efforts and valor are an integral part 
of the history of naval warfare. This plaque is dedicated
to the memory of the vessels and the men who sailed in them.
Presented to the United States Coast Guard Academy
by the United States Coast Guard Destroyer Escort Sailors
1 November 1992."
"A 'Well Done' to the officers and men
who served aboard the patrol frigates
during World War Two.
Their deeds are evidence of the best traditions
of the United States Coast Guard
1940 - 1945
The Greenland Patrol was the longest continuous
operation of the military forces of the United States during World War Two
Task Force 24.8
Dedicated from "Ice Brothers" - Sload Wilson
To the men of the Greenland Patrol
'Forgotten now, and little honored then, but still they'll
never have to wonder if they're  men.'
Argentia, Newfoundland - Bluie West One , Narsarssuak, Greenland
RADM Edward H Smith, USCG - RADM Earl G Rose, USCG"


State Title - Connecticut


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