Lee Wonnacott
Rider, Writer, Veteran
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Miscellaneous Information:

ON TOUR DAYS:  My Email response may be considerable delayed and my cell phone is on a few times per day. It is best to send me a Text Message and be patient.

NON TOUR DAYS: I am in the Eastern time zone, please feel free to call my home phone between 9 AM and 7 PM. Calling outside of that time period may guarantee that I am not my usual charming, witty and warm person that I usually am. 


Do you have a place I may pitch my tent when I am in your area?  Or do you have a shelter type building such as a barn or garage to keep me out of severe weather. On tour days I am always looking for a place to be from dusk to dawn. I only need a 10' x 10' area to pitch my tent and a level and stabil place to put the motorcycle. 

This is an expensive trip. Click on the DONATE button if you would like to kick in a few dollars for fuel, campground fees. and unexpected maintenance.

Would you like to advertise your company on this site?  My rotating block and banner ads can rotate throughout the site, or you may choose to have an exclusive placement on a specific page. Become a Tour Day sponsor for $50.

However you choose, your assistance is always appreciated.





Ride Around America is a 200,000 mile long tour of the lower 48 states. The goal is to visit at least one veterans memorials in 3,059. The memorials are YOUR local connection to the history of the United States. 

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