Douglas AZ

B-17F "Skunkface" nose artPOW Murdered by SS

2nd Lt Billy Huish had survived the crash of his B-17 "Skunkface," had escaped German captors, and for two months evaded re-capture as he looked for a way out of German to neutral lines. But, stories of heroes don't always have a happy ending. Huish, one of three Huish familes to die in WW II, was murdered by SS troopers, along with seven other American aviators. Click on the photo to read more.

Tucson AZ

The Korea Honor Rolls Monument at the Tucson Sports Complex is a very nice obelisk holding the names of 83 Pima County sons that gave their lives.

One small plaque honors four clerics that truly upheld the tenets of their religious beliefs when they gave their own lives to save others. The are "The Four Chaplains."  Click on the plaque at left to learn more.

History or Racism ?

How Is Civil War "Put Into Context" ?

June 21, 2017 - Yesterday, by order of the Orlando City Council, the United Daughters of The Confederacy monument at Lake Eola Park was taken down. According to press reports, it will be reassembled at a later date in a local cemetery and a marker will be placed beside the monument to put it all in context.  

This monument was erected in 1911 by the Annie Coleman Chapter #225, United Daughters of The Confederacy. The majority of the monuments dedicated to the Confederate Soldier were erected between 1880 and 1920. The south was still struggling from the economic disaster that was the Civil War. But there was burgeoning hope and optimism that individual states of the South were regaining their prosperity. 

Club Need a Speaker?

I have now finished the route planning for a seven state New England tour. Contact if you are in the upper tier of New York counties, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut and would like to have me include your club on my itinerary. 

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Tour Updates

June 17 - I have been impatiently sitting here in Gold Hill, ready to depart and visit 70 memorials in New York and New England states. Finances are the problem, the VA pension just isn't stretching far enough, even with summertime gas prices their lowest in years. 

If you can, please click on the red DONATE button at the top of the page. Anybody that gives more than $15 gets a tour patch.  I need $350 to begin the New England tour... so please pass the word. 

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It's a far smaller number of followers than well known celebrities and politicians, but I now have almost 1,700 followers on the @Lee_Wonnacott Twitter account. When touring I make itinerary updates at least twice a day, and while at home I try to tweet each time a new memorial is posted or updated.

If you have a Twitter account and don't yet follow - please do. 


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