Tour Updates

March 24 - Over 500 miles today, most in a dust storm with gusts to 60 mph. Very dangerous to ride. Pressed on to Roswell. Winds so high that all UFO traffic grounded tonight. 

In 52 years of riding I have never been stopped by police. In las 24 hours was stopped TWICE. Frederick Ok thought I was on a stolen bike and deputy at Paducah TX thought me headlight modulator was a defective headlight. Odometer turned to 96,500 this afternoon. 

Good night. Start Roswell memorial 8am tomorrow.

March 23 - Evening. Vernon Tx campground. Groun too hard for tent stakes. Walmart parking lot is noisy. Loud freight trains every ten minutes. No joy in Mudville. 

Plan to be underway bt 8 AM. eta Clovis NM early evening. Check Twitter for updates.


March 23  - Lunch at Madill Ok. overnight tonight in Texas panhandle. Check Twitter for Pm updae.


arch 21 - Grabbing a burger in Waynesboto TN. Will be overnight in Bolivar Tn this evening and then out early tomorrow for Aransas stops along US 70. Email me if you want to ride along, or catch me along the road. Easy way to check is to keep an eye on my Twitter feed at the upper right of this page.  

2017-1-09 - Arizona

Second Pass Through Arizona

Expected travel date is April 9th and the first leg will likely begin about 8:00 AM from Las Vegas.  The over night area will be Prescott, Arizona and the second travel date, the 10th of April, will take me to a second Arizona overnight at Clifton. 

Please send me a message if you can offer a place to pitch my tent, or have a good suggestion for an inexpensive campground. 

2017-1-04 - New Mexico

Begin From Clovis?

I will be arriving late on the 23rd from Muleshoe and will likely begin today's itinerary from Clovis. Check here, or follow me on Twitter @Lee_Wonnacott for updates.

2017-1-05 - Arizona

Old US-80

A staggering 239 mile long leg in this segment makes me think this might be what everybody is tallking about when they say it's a long way between stops. The average here is 113 miles.

Regardless of the long distances, I am looking forward to this segment. There is a lot of beautiful scenery along this route and many of the "Old West" adventures that I read as a kid had roots here, along the Butterworth Stage routes and the Dixie Overland Highway.

2017-1-07 Northern California Loop

Out and Back From Anderson

No date specific schedule is set for this loop. I will be staying for a weeks rest in Northern California before heading back to North Carolina. Keep an eye on this article during the first week of April to learn exactly what day this part of the tour will run. 

2017-1-06 - California

First Stop Is El Centro

The travel date is likely March 27th and will start from Yuma or, maybe, at El Centro. 

Logic dictates that a desert area would not be a prime candidate for placement of a large Naval Aviation training base. In fact, there is a long history of high performance, and even the slowest, US Navy aircraft flying around here. This is the winter home of the Blue Angels. This weekend they are performing at Brunswick, Georgia.

2017-1-08 - NorCal & Nevada

Homeward Bound

The return distance to Gold Hill, NC, about 3,268 miles, but I could be off by a couple hundred miles. 70 Counties will be visited on the eastbound trip. The anticipated travel date for this segment is April 7th. 

The first planned overnight should be in the area of Hawthorne, Nevada. If you have a place for me to pitch my tent - send me a message. 

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